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              Git 官方文檔

              Local Changes

              Changed in working directory

              Tracked file changes

              Add changed files

              Remove file

              See files ready for commit

              Commit changes

              Change last commit

              Revert changes to file

              Revert changes (new commit)

              Return to last committed state


              Show all commits


              Show file commits

              Show directory commits

              Who changed file


              Merge branch into current

              Abort rebase

              Merge tool to solve conflicts

              To view the merge conflicts

              To discard conflicting patch

              After resolving conflicts

              Remote Update / Publish

              List remotes

              Show information

              Fetch changes

              Fetch + merge

              Publish local to remote

              Delete remote branch


              List branches

              Switch to branch

              Create new branch

              Create branch from existing

              Delete branch

              Tag current commit

              Useful Commands

              Finding Regressions

              Check for Errors and Cleanup Repository

              Search Working Directory for foo()

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